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How Soaring 2 Success is Paving the Skyway, into theFuture of Aviation Opportunities

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

by Lennard James, Chicago Journal

In the vast landscape of aviation and technology, there's a small but mighty nonprofit making a big difference. Soaring 2 Success, a dedicated organization with a focus on aviation and robotics education, is taking flight to reach new heights of success. With their groundbreaking drone simulation software and a mission to empower underserved communities, women, and minorities, Soaring 2 Success is rewriting the

script for the future of aviation.

Soaring 2 Success is not your typical nonprofit. Founded with a resolute commitment to bridge the gap in aviation opportunities, they have become pioneers in the field of aviation education, targeting those who often find themselves sidelined from such high-flying dreams.

Their flagship project, a commercial drone pilot program, has already garnered recognition

from the State of Tennessee and is planned to expand to Mississippi and Arkansas. This

ambitious program aims to train 50 drone pilots in the coming year.

While it may sound like a modest number, the impact of this program is immeasurable. These aspiring pilots, aged 16 and older, are handpicked for their fearless spirit and solid reading comprehension. It's a program that does not discriminate based on prior experience or background but looks for passion and potential.

Soaring 2 Success is all about providing pathways to success in aviation and engineering for underserved communities. They understand that there's a treasure trove of untapped potential in women, minorities, and at-risk youth, and they're on a mission to unlock it. With a focus on creating family-wage careers in aviation, they have crafted drone simulation software that opens doors to exciting, high-paying occupations.

What sets Soaring 2 Success apart in the aviation and robotics education sphere is their unwavering commitment to accessibility. They venture where others often do not, bringing their programs directly into underserved areas. Here, they seek out the stars of the future, those who might otherwise remain hidden in the shadows of unfulfilled dreams.

Their unique approach is all about transformation. They take individuals from government services to taxpayers, offering them the skills and certifications needed for financial freedom. And more than just about giving people the tools, the organization ensures students have the incentives to finish their training in aviation and engineering.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Soaring 2 Success's programs is that they're

weatherproof. Rain or shine, drones can be flown indoors or outdoors, making learning

and training a year-round possibility.

Soaring 2 Success's latest endeavor is a drone soccer program. But why is drone soccer the chosen path to introduce these youths to the world of aviation and engineering? The answer is simple: it's engaging, accessible, and bridges the gap between theory and practice. The thrill of maneuvering drones to score goals not only teaches young enthusiasts essential aviation skills but also ignites their passion for the field. It's hands-on learning at its finest, making complex concepts like aerodynamics and engineering unrestricted and fun.

For Soaring 2 Success, reaching their goals requires a team effort, and they're calling for sponsors to join them on this incredible journey. These sponsors will play a crucial role in

providing gifts for those who score goals using the drones: the young minds in underserved

areas, women, and minorities who want to explore the world of aviation and engineering.

The aviation industry has long grappled with diversity issues, with a significant lack of

representation from these groups. Soaring 2 Success aims to change that narrative. By exposing these individuals to the possibilities and skills developed through their programs, they're not only preparing them for aviation challenges but also reshaping the industry itself.

By providing incentives in the form of gifts, sponsors help motivate these aspiring aviation

enthusiasts to complete different levels of training. These gifts will serve as tangible rewards for their hard work and dedication to advancing their aviation and engineering knowledge.

With their unwavering dedication to underserved communities and their innovative software

and programs, Soaring 2 Success is changing lives and empowering the future of aviation and engineering. Their dedication to inclusivity, hands-on learning, and accessible training is making waves in the industry.

Their vision transcends the boundaries of conventional thinking, urging people to dream bigger, aim higher, and achieve the seemingly impossible. Through education, mentorship, and cutting-edge technology, Soaring 2 Success is equipping individuals with the tools they need to break free from the confines of circumstance and take control of their destinies.

With every flight, every achievement, and every life transformed, Soaring 2 Success reinforces the notion that the sky is not a limit but an expansive canvas of opportunity waiting to be explored. Their journey is one of empowerment, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of a brighter future, where the horizon is just the starting point for boundless aspirations.

In the end, it's not just about piloting drones; it's about piloting lives toward success and opportunity. With unwavering dedication and a steadfast commitment to their cause, the organization strives to empower individuals from all walks of life to reach for the stars, both metaphorically and literally.

For more information about Soaring 2 Success visit their website at:

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